Mr and Mrs Zed, a local couple from Islamabad is the face behind Oh My Buds. Oh My buds share the message to have fun food around and get your mates involved. As it was because of this, that the couple began to enjoy food, cooking and social aspect of it all. Over time they “Fell in Love with it”.

“We don’t see ourselves as a cooking show, but it’s very much a community and our love for food”. Says Mr. Zed.

So how did it all begin? Both husband and wife started sharing recipes and their food experiences and were surprised at how easy it was to cook good food. This sharing of videos and recipes under one roof was really a fun journey for the couple. This all started back in the days when they were class mates after their own diets had become “awful” hahaha; while they were in University: full of takeaways, ready meals and fast food, a diet familiar to many students. After getting married they both decided to take control and make some changes.

Despite their different backgrounds this couple shared a common interest, inspiring to have an impact on people’s life no matter how “small or big”.

The food brought to you by Oh my buds, allows you to willingly plunge in the world of sensitivity you have never experienced before, taking you through a journey of food gasms.


Oh My Buds, bringing good food to your doorsteps.

We don’t just deliver, we bring it! Always going the extra mile to make your experience memorable.

We offer a chef inspired menu that is eclectic and from a variety of flavors. Each item is selected to appeal to a variety of tastes and cravings. Our goal is to provide you an easy, delicious and affordable experience with a true spirit and service combined with the cost and convenience of fast food.

Our menu and service is designed to both use natural, locally sourced food with minimal or no processing and to minimize waste of natural and human resources. We’re huge fans of wholesome, simple, fresh food without artificial anything.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best ingredients possible. Then we take hours to prepare our food, so we can serve it to you within minutes. We believe you can taste the care we put into our food and understand, ourselves, the connection between how food is made and how it tastes. Which is why we make everything fresh every day.